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For many, electric mobility and EV charging is a new game, but not for us. At Mer, we bring expertise, innovation and know-how to the electric vehicle charging market.  

We blend our extensive knowledge of EV charging with genuine ambition, bringing over 10 years of expertise to power the shift toward electric mobility. 

With a footprint in the EV charging industry in Norway, Germany, Austria, Sweden, and the UK, we offer charging solutions for businesses, local authorities, housing associations, fleets, destinations, and the home. 

Our public charging network and mobile app, Mer Connect, helps us connect EV drivers to charge points across Europe, offering a straightforward charging experience. 

Charged with Positive Energy

We are owned by Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy, Statkraft. 

With over 125 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, Statkraft backs and supports the integral work that we are doing to reduce emissions and create a safer, more sustainable future for electric mobility. 

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Parent and child sharing high-five at EV charge point

EV Charge Points for Destination Charging

Generate revenue at your site and offer simple EV charging solutions for customers who choose sustainable mobility.  

We provide commercial landowners with a straightforward process to install charge points at their premises, taking care of everything from grid connection to installation and management. 

Learn more about our simple solutions for commercial landowners in the UK, Sweden, and Norway. 

Electric car charging point and EV

EV Charging Solutions for the Workplace

We help make it easier for employees and visitors to make sustainable mobility choices by providing businesses with managed, tailored, and simple charging solutions.  

Working with reliable hardware that is maintained by Mer, we bring the best, future-proofed charging infrastructure to the workplace. 

Learn how Mer can support you and your business with EV charging services for the workplace in the UK, Sweden, and Norway. 

Electric vans using charge points at depot

EV Charging for Electric Fleets

We understand the importance of fleet operations running smoothly, and vehicles being kept on the road. That’s why we work with businesses to provide reliable and future-proofed charging solutions for fleets at the workplace and at home. 

Working closely with our customers, we guide them through the entire charging implementation process, from planning and installation to project completion. 

Find out more about our tailored fleet charging solutions in the UK and Germany. 

Woman in orange hat charging electric car

Charging Stations for Public and Local Authorities

Working with public sector bodies, we support EV drivers with the charging infrastructure they need to stay charged up and on the road. 

We provide future-proofed public charging points, based on your requirements. By supporting your objectives, we can help get the right EV charging framework in place. 

Learn more about our services and solutions for local authorities in the UK and Sweden. 

Electric car charging in parking space

EV Charging Infrastructure for Housing Associations

At Mer, we work with housing associations and developers, to provide residents with access to electric car charging points. Whether it be at the very start of a building project or installing chargers at parking spaces already available to occupants, we help produce the right solution – getting chargers in the ground. 

Find out more about how we work with housing associations in Norway, Sweden, Germany, and the UK.

Electric car charging at home charge point

Charge Points for Homeowners

We believe that supporting EV drivers at home is equally important as supporting drivers on the road – that’s why we offer the best in home EV charger solutions. 

Drivers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is able to fully charge at home, ready to hit the road with ease. 

Learn more about available home charge packages for the UK and Sweden. 

Our mission is to make sustainable electric mobility easy and accessible to everyone

We Believe Mobility Can Be Better, Smarter, Purer

Our customer obsession is driving our mission to make sustainable electric mobility easy and accessible to everyone.  

By focussing on creating seamless EV driving experiences, together with our partners we endeavour to ensure our customers can charge sustainably wherever they are – at home, on the road, or at work. 

Backed by Statkraft, we are encouraged by our mission and drive to continue our journey on the road to a sustainable future for all. 

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