About Mer

About Mer

We always bring the energy

Through our extensive experience within renewable energy and electric mobility, Mer is combining the best of both worlds to power the European shift towards electric mobility.

We are energized by what we do and we want our customers to feel the same. Our mission is to make sustainable electric mobility easy and accessible for everyone. Join our mission to be part of a purer tomorrow!

We make going green simple

Our ambition is to become a leading European e-mobility company by providing innovative and sustainable solutions for the ultimate customer experience – through our employees powered by pure motivation and our commitment to create a better tomorrow.

We seek to remove the friction in the transition to electric mobility by providing simple, suitable and sustainable solutions, empowering our customers to join us in this mission.

To make going green simple, we not only commit to on-going product- and service innovation, but also to continuously improving on everything we do!

Who We Are

Family with children in car park with charge points

About the business unit

Mer Germany GmbH

Mer Germany GmbH (formerly E-WALD) GmbH is one of Germany’s leading system providers of electromobility in public and private spaces. The company, based in Teisnach in Lower Bavaria, was founded as part of the research project “Model Region Electromobility” at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology. What began as the largest demonstration project for electromobility in Germany has become a success story that is well known throughout Germany. Since August 2019, E-WALD has been part of the Norwegian state-owned company Statkraft, which has set itself the task of supplying a climate-neutral future with energy from renewable sources. E-WALD takes care of the construction and operation of public charging infrastructure and operates a battery-electric car sharing fleet.

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Electric Car Mer Solutions Germany

About the business unit

Mer Solutions GmbH

Mer Solutions GmbH (formerly eeMobility GmbH) has since 2015 strived to create synergies within the energy and mobility sector along their way towards a sustainable future fueled by renewable energies. eeMobility GmbH offers holistic solutions for businesses that are transitioning from a conventional to an electric fleet, by providing charging concepts for drivers to use at home, at the company site and by also providing access to public chargers.

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About the business unit

Mer Norway AS

Founded in 2009 as Grønn Kontakt, Mer Norway has been one of the leading charging operators in Norway – also known as the pioneering country for electric mobility. Within this time, Mer Norway has established well over 260 fast charging stations all across Norway. In addition to the nationwide charging network, Mer Norway also offers smart charging solutions for both housing cooperatives and businesses.

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Family at Mer Sweden EV Charge Point

About the business unit

Mer Sweden AB

Mer Sweden AB (formerly Bee Charging Solutions AB and Grön Kontakt AB) was founded in 2015 and is one of the leading charging operators in Sweden. In addition to a nationwide and leading public charging network, Mer Sweden offers solutions for charging at home, at the workplace, for property owners, and the public sector. Mer Sweden also collaborates with several leading car manufacturers, leasing companies, and regional utility companies. Mer Sweden is owned by Statkraft, Öresundskraft, Jämtkraft, and Tekniska verken in Linköping.

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Man with Child at Mer UK Public Charging

About the business unit

Mer UK - Public Charging

Founded as Gronn Kontakt UK in March 2020, Mer UK focuses on getting electric vehicle charging stations into businesses, key retail locations and public areas managed by local authorities. Influenced by Statkraft’s commitment to a better future, their aim is to offer sustainable electric vehicle charging in the UK.

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Mer UK Fleet & Workplace Charging

About the business unit

Mer UK - Fleet & Workplace Charging

Mer UK – Fleet and Workplace Charging (prev. Elmtronics) was founded in 2016 and since that date has specialized in supporting businesses to make the switch to Electric Vehicles, securing some of the UK’s highest FTSE 250 companies as customers.

The company provides charge point solutions for fleets, workplaces, and homes across the UK, making the transition to net zero an easy one. With a vast portfolio of customers and a genuine belief that we can generate excitement around the EV industry, the team in the UK is driven by supporting customers towards a sustainable future.

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State power

Mer Group is fully owned by Statkraft, a company with over 125 years of experience within renewable energy production, and with over 4000 employees in 17 countries. Today, Statkraft supplies Mer Norway and Mer Sweden charging stations with renewable energy to reduce the CO2 emissions and accelerate the transition to electric mobility for a sustainable future.

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