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Mer on second place in customer satisfaction survey

In an independent survey, Mer Norway was ranked as the best charging operator after Tesla. The survey was conducted by EPSI and included the the leading charging operators in Norway such as Recharge (former Fortum), BKK (now Eviny), Circle K, Mer and Tesla.

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The main goal of the survey performed by EPSI, is to unveil the customer satisfaction in the charging operator industry. The survey is the first in its kind in Norway and there was a lot of speculations on the outcome of the survey.

According to the press release by EPSI, the report states: “The survey was initiated by the industry and indicates that they are interested in understanding their customers. These surveys gives valuable insight in the customers and their needs and the fundamental thing now is for the charging operators to identify the challenges and continue to improve”.

In general, the industry scores on average in terms of customer satisfaction and indicates that there’s a lot of improvements to be made. However, the survey reveals that the frequency in use of the charging operators played a significant role in the customer satisfaction; customers that had used the chargers only a few times were less satisfied than the ones using them on a more frequent basis.

Tesla on top

In summary, Tesla gets the best feedback from the customers. One can argue whether it is correct to include Tesla in this kind of survey as they control the entire ecosystem – from the car, the software and to the chargers – as opposed to the rest of the charging operators who is dealing with challenges caused by handling the communication between the different cars and charger manufacturers.

– For us at Mer, it is interesting to have Tesla included in this survey – and although we know customers hold them high, we are delighted to see that Mer recieved better feedbacks in some areas, says Managing Director in Mer Norway, Nicholai S. Jørgensen.

Mer on second place in customer satisfaction survey

Mer best on customer service

Mer is ranking best of all participants in the survey on three points: simplicity, customer service and easy to access. The positive feedbacks on these points is far from coincidence: customer service, simplicity and accessibility has been the center of everything Mer has done throughout the years.

– Our ambition at Mer is to become the best and most customer obsessed EV charging company in Europe, and in order to do so, we have to ask ourselves the difficult questions. By working closely with our customers in all our development and improvement projects, this independent survey gives us a good indication that we are on the right track, says Jørgensen.

Read the full report here (in Norwegian)