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eeMobility and E-WALD becomes a part of Mer Group

Mer intensifies engagement to accelerate the transition to electric mobility in Germany.

eeMobility and E-WALD becomes a part of Mer Group

Backed by Statkraft, Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy, Mer today announces the alliance of eeMobility and E-WALD under the same European brand Mer. The resulting synergy effects are intended to support a sustainable energy and transport transition in Europe.Mer Solutions GmbH (formerly eeMobility), as a specialist in 360 ° charging solutions for fleet customers, will pay particular attention to the needs of companies and company car owners and will look after the area of ​​non-public charging within the Mer Group. Mer Germany GmbH (formerly E-WALD) will cover electromobility for private and business customers as a service provider and operator of a public and semi-public charging network and electric car sharing.

More renewable energies and more electromobility for Europe

Mer uniquely combines clean energy generation with electromobility and the energy and mobility transition. Innovative products combine the interests of network operators, electricity suppliers, automobile manufacturers, charging infrastructure operators, companies, traders and private individuals. In this way, Mer enables sustainable mobility and the complete switch to renewable energies.

– As part of the Mer Group, we are advancing the energy and transport transition not only in Germany, but throughout Europe,” says Günter Fuhrmann, Managing Director of Mer Solutions GmbH.

– Germany is currently experiencing an automotive electrification boom. More than ever, vehicle fleets are an important lever for electrifying road traffic and reducing CO2 emissions. That is why we will continue to offer innovative products and services specially tailored to fleets.

– With Mer, our more than 1,000 charging points become part of a Europe-wide charging network, says Anton Achatz, Managing Director of Mer Germany GmbH. – With immediate effect, our customers benefit from an even wider range of solutions for all areas of the store. Together with our European partners, we will continue to expand our charging infrastructure from wallboxes to hyperchargers and make sustainable mobility tangible.

– Our ecological eCarSharing solutions round off the portfolio and, as part of the sharing economy, are already supporting the energy and transport transition. With our digital platform, users have access to Europe’s largest car sharing network, adds Otto Loserth, Managing Director of Mer Germany GmbH.

I look forward to working with the rest of the organization, as well as our new colleagues, to create the best and most customer-oriented charging company in Europe.

Kristoffer Thoner - CEO of Mer Group

One company with high ambitions

– We believe what took 10 years in Norway to establish, will take less time in larger economies, such as Germany. That’s why we are positioned here to take part in the growth and development, says Kristoffer Thoner, CEO at Mer Group and continues

– Today we in Mer step up our efforts in fuelling the green transition into sustainability at a larger level. Bringing yet another great country like Germany into the Mer-family means we can leverage our efforts and synergies going forward – to create the best and most customer-oriented EV charging company in Europe.Mer’s perspective on rapid charging network in Norway