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Mer wins Deutschlandnetz tender: Will build 700 fast charging points in German network

Mer will establish a total of 700 fast-charging points at 83 locations in Germany, on behalf of the German Ministry of Transport (BMDV). The deal has a value of EUR 170 million and strengthens the position of Mer in the German market. "By participating in the implementation of Deutschlandnetz, Mer is contributing more actively to the European transport revolution in Germany," says Kristoffer Thoner, CEO, Mer.
Mer wins tender: Will build 700 fast charging points in Deutschlandnetz

What the future looks like: A charging site by Mer. Illustration: Mer / EUCON – BUNG GmbH

On Wednesday 27 September 2023, the German Minister of digitalization and transport, Volker Wissing, announced the tender winners in Deutschlandnetz during a press event in Munich.

Mer wins tender: Will build 700 fast charging points in Deutschlandnetz

From left: Volker Wissing, German minister of digitalization and transport and Otto Loserth, managing director of Mer in Germany. Photo: Mer/Johannes Dachs.

Through its Deutschlandnetz initiative, the German Ministry of Transport (BMDV) will make electric mobility accessible to all through public charging infrastructure throughout Germany.

Deutschlandnetz will ensure that the nearest fast charging point can be reached in just a few minutes from anywhere in Germany, and the fast charging options along the federal highways (the Bundesautobahn) will be within 15 to 30 km of each other.

“We are incredibly proud to have been awarded such a comprehensive contract to design the Deutschlandnetz on such a large scale,”
says Otto Loserth, managing director of Mer in Germany.

Mer wins tender: Will build 700 fast charging points in Deutschlandnetz

A winning concept with a holistic approach to sustainability and user-friendly design was created by the German team in Mer. From left: Markus Fischer, site analyst, Benedikt Krinninger, head of business development & product management  and Otto Loserth, managing director, all in Mer Germany, and Johannes Pallasch, managing director, NOW GmbH, and Johannes Dachs, senior manager business & partnership development in Mer Germany. Photo: Mer.

“Individual mobility is a valuable asset in a free society. That’s why I’m pleased that we, as the Federal Ministry of Transport, are setting a milestone with the German network, which will ensure users have a reliably available range of fast charging options in Germany. With the Germany network, we complement the expansion activities of the charging infrastructure operators in a meaningful and targeted manner. Simple fast charging without gaps on the charging map becomes a reality,” says Wissing.

Mer won the maximum number of contract areas
The tender Deutschlandnetz was first announced in 2021, dividing Germany into 23 contract areas of different sizes. Each bidder can win a maximum of three contract areas, and Mer has succeeded in doing so.

“Our ambitions and ability to deliver coincide with those of Deutschlandnetz. Electric mobility plays a crucial role in the fight against climate change. The replacement of fossil fuels with electric vehicles constitutes a significant part of the global effort to reduce CO2 emissions and is firmly anchored through the EU’s green agreement and the package `Fit for 55´,” says Kristoffer Thoner, CEO, Mer, adding:

“By winning three contract areas, Mer takes a stronger position in the German market. This makes us even more relevant and also contributes to cost efficiency and economies of scale related to, for example, procurement, installation and operation.”

Mer wins tender: Will build 700 fast charging points in Deutschlandnetz

Kristoffer Thoner, CEO, Mer. Photo: Mer/Nicolas Tourrenc.

As part of Deutschlandnetz, Mer will establish public charging infrastructure at 83 locations in six regions in Germany, and operate a total of 700 fast charging points.

“With over 36,000 charging points, Mer already has a good foothold in the most attractive EV markets in Europe; Norway, Sweden, the UK, Austria and Germany, and in 2021 we delivered over 316 million electrically driven kilometres. The combination of our long experience, commitment to sustainability and a rapidly growing charging network makes Mer well positioned to further accelerate the pace of electrification and offer innovative solutions and seamless charging experiences,” says Thoner.

Convinced with sustainable design concept
Mer won with a holistic approach to sustainability and user-friendliness in the design concept as well as attractive locations. The work on development and establishment is planned for 2024-2026. The agreement with the German state ensures that Mer will be reimbursed for costs related to installation and operation (investments and operating costs), and the agreement has a value of EUR 170 million.

“Our concept combines our years of expertise in the development of charging locations with our pursuit of holistic sustainability. We do this not only in our design concept, but also in the choice of sustainable suppliers and the integration of local companies into our locations. In this way, we can actively advance the ecological transport transition and at the same time implement our approach for the integration with the regional economy,” says Loserth.

  • The charging stations will have sustainable wooden roof structures with solar panels
  • Guarantee of origin for electricity in the public charging network – 100 per cent green energy
  • Good technological solutions and app integration that ensure a good user experience
  • Great ambitions within sustainability

Have a look at what the future of charging looks like:

Illustrations by Mer/EUCON – BUNG GmbH.