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CTO of Mer on Norway’s top 50 tech women

Today, Abelia and ODA Network launched the list of Norway's top 50 tech women 2024. The nomination and list aim to give women working in technology and management the well-deserved spotlight and to shed light on the current gender imbalance in the sector.  The list includes everyone from researchers to developers and entrepreneurs who all have in common being role models and key people in their fields. Amongst those on this list is Camilla Moe, CTO, Mer.

CTO of Mer on Norway’s top 50 tech women

Technology is key

With over 20 years of experience in management, finance and IT, Camilla Moe has spent her recent years as the CTO in Mer. The company was founded in 2020, and Moe leads a larger IT team dispersed throughout all of Mer’s locations in Europe.

Under her leadership, Mer has been the first in Norway to launch Vipps on all charging stations (digital wallet) and Autocharge. She is also responsible for enabling the use of payment terminals on all chargers in addition to moving Mer over to one IT platform and thus ensure the company the opportunity for further scaling and growth in the future.

Mer’s ambition is to make sustainable charging of electric cars easy and accessible for everyone, and technology is central to making this possible. There is little doubt that technology, in general, is key to the transformation Norway is facing.

“The wide range of professions, industries and sectors tells us that the Tech top list represents something more than much-needed diversity in a male-dominated industry. Technology is in fact cross-sectoral and the key to us succeeding in the restructuring of Norway, says the chairman of the jury and CEO. in Abelia Øystein Søreide.

A report from Socioeconomic Analysis shows that Norway will need 40,000 ICT education by 2030.

Role models

The list Norway’s 50 most prominent tech women will help promote role models who inspire others to choose technology as a career path.

“Although the list refers to several talented people who leave a clear impression through their work, we have too few female technologists in Norway. We need role models who show the way for others, and they are precisely the ones we celebrate today,’ said Søreide.


The jury has emphasized the following in its selection of the list:

  • Technology understanding
  • Tangible contributions and achievements
  • motivation/efforts for diversity and inclusion in technology

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Monique Berntsen

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