Personal data and cookies

Mer  handles personal data in an encrypted and secure manner. Personal information shared on Mer’s websites is neither sold nor exchanged with third parties. uses HTTPS communication (HTTP over TLS 1.2) for the encrypted and secure transfer of data between the user and Mer. When you order something from us, we store your name, address, telephone number and email address. For business customers, we keep the Invoice reference. We store the information we need to deliver goods and services to you, as well as to be able to contact you in connection with the delivery of our services and products. Mer is required to store the information in connection with accounting, tax handling and any warranty/return handling. We also store the IP address used to register the order for security reasons.


Mer always wants to give our customers the best possible online experience. We therefore use Cookies, which in short are a tool to optimize the user experience on our website.
We collect and store log data with external providers (Google Analytics, Facebook, Hotjar), and the data can, for example, show which posts, pages and products are searched for and looked at. With this information, we can learn what our users are interested in, in order to improve content, product selection and offers.

Retargeting or remarketing

Customized messages based on what you have seen with us can be used in advertisements from Mer shown on third-party websites.
If you do not accept our use of cookies, you can change the settings in your browser and turn off the use of cookies. We reserve the right that some of our services will not function optimally if you have disabled cookies in your browser. Mer use secure and reputable suppliers for traffic and analysis and which cookies they need will change over time.

If you want to know more about how to completely or partially remove cookies – read more at